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Order conveniently by

  • online store,
  • excel sheet or
  • telephone.

Perhaps you have already ordered by excel sheet in the past. This possibility still exists.
The new online store has even more information for you. Not only which container sizes are available, how far away you are from a full container with your article selection and how heavy your order is. The store also offers many article photos, detailed information about the individual articles, processing and condition. We are also available by phone or online at any time with advice and assistance.


Profit from

  • prices like in Asia,
  • mixed orders and
  • small quantities.

Our Indonesian team takes over production/procurement, control and loading of the articles offered in the store. You as a retailer get access to prices like in Indonesia when ordering by container, but with our 20 years of experience in European service and market know-how!
Unlike many container orders from the Far East, you get these low prices even for small quantities of individual items, because the ordering system explicitly allows the mixing of items.


Pick as needed:

  • Pre-commissioning
    individual labels
  • ISPM standard packaging

We assemble the pallets (also in euro-pallet size) according to your specifications. Pre-sorting for suitable unloading or direct onward shipment to your locations is possible, as well as weatherproof labels and tags for immediate shelf clearance and saleability – we know the needs of the trade and make many things possible.


Make your customers happy:

  • Processing,
  • condition and
  • quality

of our goods is tailored to your customers. Our Indonesian team produces and procures especially for the requirements of the international market. Due to our constant monitoring of the supply chain on site, we also guarantee only fairly produced, child labor-free goods.


Your advantage:

  • 20 years of experience
  • current insider market knowledge
  • 500+ shipped containers

We have been supplying wholesalers and retailers worldwide for 20 years. Our experience with trading partners such as toom, Hornbach, Landgard, Lufthansa WorldShop and others, as well as our extensive market access, enable us to recognize trends among end customers at an early stage. We share this up-to-date market knowledge with you at all times to support you in the successful and rapid sale of your product range.


With our assortment you will stand out from the crowd:

  • Online price comparison not possible
  • individual pieces
  • custom-made pieces possible

You determine your assortment: Our large selection gives you the opportunity for an incomparable range of goods. We carry many attractive articles that are so unique that they cannot be found in a price comparison on the Internet. In addition, you will find goods that we can supply in large quantities as well as handcrafted unique pieces from master stonemasonry firm - these too at attractive prices.

Selamat Datang! Welcome!

On this website we concentrate on keeping everything nice and clear with nearly all of our products for you to order with container directly from Indonesia. All prices shown are retail prices without VAT. After registration and manually validation by us you can see the reseller prices.

As our „home base“ in Lotte, Germany, may be a bit far for you to visit (of course you‘re still welcome!), our website has lots to show as well.
We welcome you to look through the following pages, and discover what we have to offer!

Information about our materials

CRAFTED STONE Most of our sculptures are made of this lava stone. The clay minerals (mostly chlorides) give this stone the tell-tale greenish colour. With a little luck there even are small pieces of different stone types in the raw material. Sculptures made of crafted stone are frost resistant, but should not get in contact with de-icing salt as this will cause damage to the structure of the stone. Please make sure that the sculpture doesn‘t stand in water during the frost period, but rather on
gravel or something similar.

FIBRE CEMENT Fibre cement is a mixture of fibres and cement. Despite this mixture and thin walls the material has a high durability, and weighs far less compared to pressed stone or crafted stone. With time the finish may pale.

RIVER STONE This stone belongs to the same family as granite, which makes it a lot denser and tougher than the lava stone. It takes more strength and skill to work with river stone. Because of its density our artists are able to include more details. River stone can also be painted with antique finish. With this stone, too, please make sure that the sculpture doesn‘t stand in water during the frost period, but rather on gravel or something similar.

CASTED/PRESSED STONE A hand-made original is a model for a casting mould, from which the artificial stone can later be casted. After it dried, the mould is carefully removed, and the statue receives its final touch. Eventually the antique finish is painted on by hand. The result is an authentic sculpture for a fair price. Please make sure that the sculpture doesn‘t stand in water during the frost period, but rather on gravel or something similar.

LAVA STONE - andesite Borobudur, one of the biggest temple areas in south-east Asia, was built with this stone. Its greyish look and bigger pores vary only slightly from the crafted stone. It‘s frost resistant and may also contain small pieces of different stone types, which is typical for volcanic stones. Please make sure that the sculpture doesn‘t stand in water during the frost period, but rather on gravel or something similar.

Waterproofing makes the stone water resistant. Stones which are continuously in contact with water (such as our wells and stone bowls) should be coated with according materials. The hydrophobic material covers the inner pores and capillary surface which makes it waterproof. Even so, the pores and capillars aren‘t closed, which still enables the breathability. You can find this hydrophobic material in DIY warehouses.

BAMBOO If you plan to use bamboo outdoors, we highly recommend coating it in a thin oil-based protective layer. This will protect it of cracks in the wood when it‘s dry, and especially of climatic changes. Rips won‘t harm the stability of the bamboo stick. We recommend cleaning the bamboo during a dry season before you coat it. Alternatively you can sand back the bamboo and then apply the coating. Repeat this every 1-2 years. If you drill a hole into your bamboo, any water that may seep in can be drained. Avoid major changes in temperature, and slowly adjust bamboo products to the room temperature if you decide to use it indoors.
We cannot give warranty on bamboo as it‘s a natural product. The following points (not a final list) are excempt from complaint:

  1. Bamboo may crack due to changes in temperature. Anything from fissures to tears is possible to occur.
  2. Colours may vary. Any burn marks are results of the heat that was used directly after harvest in order to straighten the bamboo.
  3. Bamboo sticks may have curves. They are natural products and not perfectly straight.
  4. The bamboo‘s diameter varies. It‘s measured by the thicker bottom part as it grows slightly thinner to the top. All measurements are rough and made as best as possible.

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